• The needs of each person are different—and services and attention must differ accordingly
  • We must maintain the dignity and independence of our residents
  • Variety of service and care options are essential to a resident centered approach that emphasizes the quality of life
  • Residents must be encouraged to live life on their own terms, as we nurture their freedom of choice, their independence and their dignity
  • We must build individual relationships with residents and family members and understand and know the stories and details of our resident lives
  • We must practice the art of listening to our residents
  • Post-surgical care; restorative care; physical and occupational therapy.
  • Freedom of choice, preserve dignity, nurturing the spirit; independence

Our ever-evolving Resident Wellness Model is designed to implement a shift from institutional care-giving to individualized service—a replacement of the old and traditional with state of the art best practices. Elder care is regarded by our community as a noble calling and our highly visible and trained staff, thrives in a culture of quality and mutual respect. We strive to know the hopes and dreams, the needs and desires of our residents


Our guiding principles

Elder care should be based on respect


A path to a happier life for the elderly and their loved ones through Jewish senior assisted living

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